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Needlework Artisan program

     Women who have completed Centre Lumière’s 3-year program have the opportunity to earn income through either the work-from-home Needlework Artisan program or the on-site sewing program.  The Needlework Artisan program allows women to work at their own pace from their homes.  Each woman chooses how best to balance her trade with her family responsibilities.  Women who work at the on-site sewing program help to incorporate hand-crocheted and embroidered pieces into finished products. 

    Haiti is considered the poorest country in the western hemisphere and the unemployment rate is often quoted at a staggering 70-80%.  Having regular employment with dependable income gives our employees options in life that aren't readily available in Haiti.  They are able to keep their children, rather than placing them in orphanages or in other households as restaveks (household servants).  It also enables them to pay school tuition as most schools in Haiti are not free. Some of them own their own homes or are working towards that goal.  Each woman at Centre Lumiere supports her immediate and extended family.  Some have been able to adopt children who are in need of a family.

     Centre Lumiere strives to be a workplace where high quality products are created in an environment that supports each woman holistically.

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