How you can help

We couldn't do it without you!

     The level of quality education and income opportunities we are able to offer at Centre Lumiere are due in part to the ministry partnerships we have with many of you. Your prayer support and countless volunteer hours are essential to our success. Centre Lumiere is bigger than our ministry program in Haiti - it includes a network of ministry partners in Germany, the USA, and Canada. We seek to model and teach economic sustainability through our work program and product sales, but we depend on the generosity of others to subsidize our education program, for capital improvements to the facility, and vehicles. We seek to steward all our resources carefully with the belief that investing in people is the primary objective of all our endeavors. If you would like to help grow the ministry of Centre Lumiere, please pray for us and consider serving with us in any of the following ways:

Support Natalie

     We are very excited that Natalie Columbus is coming to Centre Lumiere for 18 months to manage the business and sales aspects of the production while Caleb and Olga are on sabbatical in 2019. It is vital that we have someone in this role so that we can keep the production staff employed during that year. Since the Centre does not pay any missionary salaries, Natalie needs to raise her own support.

     If you would like to know more about Natalie and her needs, please email us at and we will send you more information.

If you are willing to help, you can make a one-time gift or set up a recurring donation through this donation button.


Natalie Columbus

New Kitchen & Dining Pavilion

     We were excited to break ground in November 2017 to build a new lunch kitchen and dining pavilion.  Through a generous grant we have funds in hand for the initial construction phase. Current ministry partners have already helped us acquire donated commercial kitchen appliances and fixtures. We are looking for additional partners to support the completion of the building and furnish the kitchen with the necessary cooking equipment and utensils. Before Hurricane Matthew, we had already begun to plan an improvement project for the campus – a new kitchen/dining facility and a renovated boutique/laundry/warehouse. The vision for the new kitchen/dining facilities is to provide a larger and more modern cooking classroom, a separate area for preparation of the daily lunches, and a place for the students and staff to eat at tables. The square footage in the original building, made available by moving the kitchen, will allow for the expansion of the boutique and product warehousing capabilities. Primary benefits of a new, larger kitchen and dining facility:

  • Larger space for hands-on training in cooking and baking


  • More work surfaces - more students can practice vs. observe

  • Two classroom ovens – students can become familiar with modern restaurant equipment

  • Running water – hot and cold

  • Separate area for classroom training and daily lunch preparation

  • Tables and chairs for students and staff to eat lunch (currently eating on benches or outside)

  • Eating area can be used for learning/practicing waitressing and hospitality skills

  • Elimination of charcoal cooking (which is a health and environmental concern)

Building the foundation
Pouring the footings
Construction team
Mixing concrete for kitchen
Setting the rebar
Foundation of new kitchen
Privacy fence for construction
Temporary kitchen
Preparing lunches for students

Preparing lunches for students and staff over charcoal.

Kitchen sink without running water

Kitchen sink without running water.

Current Kitchen

Our kitchen today has limited work space. Work surfaces were quite limited and shared with daily food preparation as well as students. There was no running water or drain. Charcoal is used to prepare lunch causing long term health concerns as well as cleanliness of the products in the adjacent boutique.

Temp Kitchen

Our temporary kitchen is setup as a traditional Haitian kitchen

New Kitchen

Revealing of the new kitchen!


 Host a Sale

    Centre Lumière strives to be a self-sustaining ministry in our daily operations.  Hosting a sale of Centre Lumière products is a great way to support our employees so they can support themselves and their extended families. We will assist you with documentation on how to host a successful sale as well as providing advertising material. 

     If you or your church are interested in hosting a sale event for Centre Lumière, please contact us at

Bluffton support team

A great team of volunteers in Bluffton, Indiana manage inventory in the US and support sale hosts. 

Left to Right: Jacki Kershner,Melanie Gerber, Carol Gerber, Pat Wall. 


  Donating to Centre Lumiere through World Team 


     Centre Lumière has a project fund through World Team to provide for expenses related to assistance and relief (including tuition and a medical fund), operations, and equipment related to either hurricane recovery, new project initiatives, or ongoing needs at Centre Lumière.  You can make a one-time gift or set up a recurring donation through the website.  (You will receive a receipt for tax purposes from World Team which is a registered 503C.) 




     Under “Project”, enter “Centre Lumière, #045432” and the donation amount.  Click “Give”.

A new page will appear where you can indicate if this is a recurring gift (monthly, quarterly, or yearly.)  Scroll down to enter your credit card information and address on this screen.